The Making of 2 Brick Bags & Quilting

A life of a crafter is one that is full of lose threads stuck to you, hoarding every last piece of fabric “because you can use that 1/2″ by 1/2″ piece of fabric on another project!” and the joy of see a final outcome. My name is Karen Jessiman and I have been a doing crafts from painting, to scrapbooking, to sewing, to quilting and embroidery from a very young age. I was inspired to start making bags when living in South Korea and wanted to continue the adventure of making all the things I love for other people. So I have the supplies, the equipment and some projects; just needed a name. One day my son was being the loving sarcastic son he is and said “Mom these bags are big enough to hold two bricks in it!” Well I was sold, we are 2 Brick Bags but we also do more than just bags… so in came the quilting as I have a 12′ Statler Gammill quilting machine. So here we are 2 Brick Bags and Quilting. With the help of my family we are setting up shop based in Parkland County, Alberta. So if you have a project you need finishing or an idea for a project and not sure how to make it happen contact me and lets make it happen!